Sunday, 20 September 2015

Off topic

V2 still In progress, but not fast enough.

There are a few funny reasons:
• I have 2 apps on Google play and AppStore - totally 4 apps.
• Apple new iOS 9.0 broke all 2 my application - 2-3 hours per day sleeping during last 7 days.
• One of my Android app suddenly reached tops in one big region - I did 6 updates during last 2 weeks.
• Because of previous - database for game push, options and etc grows on 10% in 2 days (10-15K installs per day) - some time required to fix it.

In a few days I hope come back to V2 development.

P.S. My idea with inverted belts seems to be successful - I installed 1 belt and after 3 days belt tension the same.