Sunday, 31 May 2015

Scara based 3d printer - why?

My idea is to create SCARA (or 5 bar) based mechanics 3d printer with minimal size.
All my 100% prints are less than 100x100mm size.
Сurrrently is have delta based printer (custom design) - but:
  • Noise - too much noise during printing
  • Size - my current printer is 31x41x70 cm size - hard to place it on a table
My idea is to create small 10x10cm print area 3d printer  but with general sizes as much as smaller.


Lets have a look to current printer mechanics:

  • Cartesian XYZ - 10x10cm required much more size because of caret size (4 linear bearing spaced by some distance due to backslash minimization)
  • CoreXY - the same problem as with  mechanics above.
  • Delta - a little bit smaller but 3 steppers located as 3equal length triangle will take more than 10cm in size.

SCARA - most space friendly mechanics.

Scarа math.

Math for my new (super micro) 5-bar 3d printer
Seems like Marling Firmaware contains SCARA mechanics but only with centered axis for x and y arms - this is will be my base for 5-bar fork.

Aliexpress stuff

Cheapest NEMA17 steppers

This is the start of my 3-rd 3d printer based on 5-bar mechanics.